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Wayang Center Unique and exclusive Balinese spa entirely dedicated to Asian alternative therapies. A world of luxury and sensuality aimed to male where our highly qualified staff will make you enjoy a more varied range of massages.


Enjoy the warm atmosphere of Wayang Center ready for a hard day of work or as the culmination of a full day of work and family responsibilities. Browse through all our sections and find your place to enjoy our therapies. FAQs.




Wayang Center constantly renews their staff

Wayang Center staff is in constant renewal. It comes from all nationalities, with special importance from Indonesia. They are all professionally accredited with the most prestigious qualifications in your country in addition to the sole formation of The Banjar Group.

Balinese, Spanish, Panamanian, Colombian, Dominican, British, Slovak, Romanian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Bulgarian .... Wayang Centre features a wide range of professionals, constantly renewed, but all the elegance, sophistication and class that characterizes all centers Wayang Center and they deserve our exclusive clients.


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