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Traditional Nuru

Massage special pool applied Balinese Tatami Tatami wet and dry. Massage therapy performed with his whole body massage, a combination of different pressures using special Gel "Nuru Gel" Algae and Aloe Vera, exclusive Wayang Center. Apply for 30 minutes in wet Tatami, followed by another 20 minutes Tatami dry. This massage produces therapeutic results immeasurable. Recommendations for total relaxation. Massage whole body massage applied. It is a unique experience.

* This massage can be combined with a Balinese shower 10 minutes.
Shower Balinese Price: £30


Duration 50 minutes (given on the wet and dry matt)

Price: £240

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Royal Nuru Massage Experience

TRADITIONAL NURU Massage applied to the Special Pileta Balinese, Tatami wet and dry, with 2 or 3 masseuses.


Duration: 60 minutes (massage given on the wet matt and dry matt)

Option to be given by two or three therapists

Precio: two therapists: £350 three therapists: £450

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