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Talking about the history of wayang center is like talking about myself and my life. Wayang center brings together all family traditions related to the world of massage and all my personal knowledge gathered after more than 20 years of experiences. The world Asia and Indonesia and Bali in particular adds to my life as a starting point of a love story that is still with me and that has enriched me in all my personal facets. All that began around 2000.

Wayang Centre is a concept and not personal, but very intimate and connected with me and my family, I've thrown all the life experience I gained in my travels in the East, South America and Western society and I think now is much more necessary.



Wayang center is a way back to the essential and important human being. A place to stop, take stock and find oneself, to face the difficult challenges of today's world is not a conventional place is a space designed to satisfy, enrich and strengthen our spirit, soul and persoanlidad.

I was greeted with a smile, with a subtle aroma in the air with soft music as sound nature ... and someone offered me a massage like a charm ...
Some feelings can not explain ... We must live them!

The story continues ... hope new challenges us new sensations ... up forever.

Wayang Center "Pleasure Without Sin"


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