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Wayang Center are centers of Asian therapies exclusive alternatives, with facilities that stand out for their exquisite decoration and care of the keys for a perfect sensor fusion, following the principles of Feng Shui.

They are equipped with lounges and pools for the application of SHAMBALA massage, best massage in the world, applied wet mat, water and hot oils. The beds, designed to detail for customer convenience, are a unique and exclusive model of Wayang Center.
Schools have individual shower cabins, shower massage, with teak wood top quality, giving it more warmth. All centers are in perfect harmony of smells, feelings and surround sounds. They also have tea room and a complete water area.

Facilities include a sound system with 38 speakers flat on the roof, spread to create a unique atmosphere. The music is chosen and is changed daily, carefully selected to create suitable environments, creating a "unique sound Wayang Center".




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