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In this section we attempt to answer the frequently asked questions about our therapies that may arise before going to Wayang Center

Are there sex with the therapist?

In our massages NOT have sex with the therapist, she is a professional massager.


if i get a sexual arousal during massage?

Some maneuvers of massage, especially those that run throughout your body, can cause great excitement, even orgasm, that's normal in tantric massage.


You have to undress entirely in a tantric massage ?

For proper application of massage the client will strip completely, after our body is a set that can not be addressed piecemeal, massages need to channel our energy and expand without barriers or limitations.


is it Necessary showering?

A shower before and after the massage is part of the therapy at any time by providing the necessary cleaning materials. Hygiene is essential in our services.


I have to do anything during the massage ?

For a good use of massage is advisable to follow the directions on the therapist at all times, and have a passive attitude to enjoy the sensations that are aroused in our body.


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