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Terms and Conditions

Rules of the Centre:

- No smoking in the Center.
- Please turn off or mute their cell phones.
- Talk quietly to maintain the harmony of the Centre.
- Respect the guidelines set by the masseuses and not interrupt their work.
- Remember that we do not sex, so please respect the rules within the Chambers.

The duration of the massage:

Shower not included in the set duration for each massage, so all the time is dedicated to pleasure and enjoyment of our massages and therapies.

Length of booking:

Reservations are made with a masseuse in particular, respect for 15 minutes. From that time does not ensure the availability of massage chosen.

Choose your massage:

Please let yourself be advised by your receptionist to choose the massage that best suits what you need. Massage can not be changed within the Chamber. Therefore it is not allowed to pay money into the Chamber. At the end of the treatment may choose another if you wish, which will be conducted by another of our masseuses.

Additional information:

Our range of massage Tantric Sensitive or have a strong combined with sophisticated sensuous relaxation techniques to achieve a state of relaxation and total release being another way of feeling, but at no time is allowed to perform sex or any other outside technical fixed by the Centre, which we assure you that you will give no missing. You'll have to try it to believe it.

Cancellation of reservations:

If you have to cancel a confirmed reservation in advance. Please, please notify us at least 30 minutes early so that someone else can provide that service.


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